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A Look Back at Summer 2011...A Day at the Beach

Aside from its important historical roots and local parades, for most people Labor Day generally signals the end of summertime fun and leisure. Traditionally and, thankfully still in some jurisdictions, kids and parents would see Labor Day as the day before school begins. It doesn't seem so long ago that Dad would put his white slacks and shoes toward the back of his closet until Memorial Day came around the following year.

The summer of 2011 brought unrelenting, record-breaking heat to a huge portion of the country. And, once again, just days before Labor Day, oppressive heat returned to many areas. But then, like clockwork, Labor Day 2011 made a less than welcome entrance with weather that, for many, was cloudy, wet and downright chilly. Waking up to this change made us here at think of the colder months ahead. As we sat round the table at a staff meeting, Labor Day now behind us, we sipped the morning coffee and lamented that summer had already come and gone.

Whether it's back to school or simply the end of that summery feeling, the passing of Labor Day has always engendered a mindset that it's time to put aside the thoughts of vacationing, poolside mojitos and, perhaps, beach umbrellas, and instead, put the nose to the ol' grindstone and get back to work.

However, the one thing about photographers that helps us move from one season to the next, is that we tend to bank a lot of images from the previous season and look forward to working on them later. Call it a visual retrospective, a photo-essay or whatever works for you; here's our gift to you – a warm and sunny look at a beautiful summer day at the beach.

So, sit back and enjoy (...mojitos are optional)!

By the way, you can find these and many more updated beach pictures in our Free Images section.



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